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    Take advantage of first page internet listings with E Free Business Listings and its related websites. Get noticed by customers in your local area. We'll direct customers from your city right to your website. Tailored to attract local clients, don't waste your time on sources from outside of your service area or people looking for services you don't provide.  Our optimized websites draw thousands of targeted customers daily looking for your exact services.

    Customers landing on our websites are looking for your exact service. We don't target customers with a shotgun approach. We focus on exact demographics with a laser-like intensity. Get listed on our targeted website by offering the services that our web site Visitors seek.

    We offer a Complimentary Listing and a Premium Listing. Our Premium Listing is one of the most competitively priced in the country.

    Complimentary Listings include (in 10pt., black font):

    • Your Firm Name
    • Your Firm Phone Number
    • Up to 5 cities you service
    • Complimentary listings are shown at the bottom of the page, underneath any Premium listings.
    • Complimentary listings do not include any backlinks promoting your website

    Premium Listings include:

    • The most competitive pricing in the country. $60/annually includes a premium listing on any of our top-ranked domains. It is $30/annually additional for any related domain where you would like to promote your company. Pricing also includes your premium listing on Exception: It is currently $250/annually for a premium listing on Exclusive listing packages are available upon request.
    • "First-page" website ranking on the major search engines.
    • Top of the page listing in your promotional cities.
    • Up to 60 backlinks promoting your company website. Includes up to 20 "anchor text" and 20 "alt image" backlinks. The major search engines are giving increased ranking authority for anchor text and alt image backlinks.
    • Your Company name
    • Your Company phone number
    • Your Company website
    • Your Company logo or photo of your choice
    • A brief, descriptive paragraph describing your services (up to 30 words)
    • Your Company listed in up to 10 cities of your choice. Additional cities available for $6/city on your desired primary website and $3/city on any additional websites. Exception: Additional cities are $10/city on
    • But Wait, There's More: Now double all of the benefits you see above for free! Your listing will be promoted identically on our sister website, There are no additional charges for this service. You get two websites promoting your services for one, low price. Now you receive up to 120 backlinks to your website which helps improve your own website ranking.

    Your Premium listing presents the information that potential clients seek in a concise paragraph format that effectively promotes your company, encouraging potential clients to contact you now!. Your Premium listing links directly to your current web site or can act as a stand-alone summary site if you don't currently have a web site.

    Take advantage of all these services. Sign up for a Premium Listing now!

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